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Mesquite- Lime Rub              Item # MLR-0201
This Rub contains Mesquite and lemon concentrates.  Garlic, salt, Chipotle, vinegar solids, tumeric, citrus peel, sugar cayenne and oregano.  It is awesome on fish, chicken, steak, ribs, hamburgers, just about anything.
6.0 oz.jar                                                                                          Price: $4.00
Caribbean Jerk Rub               Item # CJR-0202
Our Jamaican Jerk Seasoning contains paprika, garlic, cayenne pepper, orange zest, oregano, parsley, dry mustard, ginger, Worcestershire sauce solids, vinegar solids and lemon juice solids.
 6.0 oz jar                                                                                              Price:$3.95
Cajun Seasoning                    Item # CS-0203
Our Cajun Seasoning can be used to flavor any dish just before you eat or it can be used while cooking.  It contains spices, paprika, dextrose, onion, garlic, lemon flavor and dehydrated vegetables.  It goes well with Pork or Beef.
5.0 oz jar                                                                                           Price: $4.25
Spicy Rubs
These are some of the fine quality products offered now.  More products will be coming soon.
Black Pepper Steak Rub   Item # BPR-0205
This rub is made for steaks, roasts, hamburgers and the like. It is made with several varieties of coarse ground peppers.
5.0 oz. jar                                                                                     Price: $4.25
Cajun Blackened Rub           Item # CBR-0206
Our Cajun Blackened Rub is good for either Fish, Meat or Poultry. For best results you need a heavy cast iron skillet. Heat skillet over high heat. Dip fish in melted butter. Shake off excess. Cover with Blackened seasoning. Cook 1 1/2 minutes per side until charred. JUST REMEMBER: Ventilate Well. It will produce intense smoke.
Buffalo Wing Rub             Item # BWR-0207
This wing rub is spicy. It contains Hot Sauce Powder, Aged Cayenne Peppers, Garlic, Corn Starch, Salt, Vinegar Powder, Paprika and Citric Acid. You can get a whole different taste from your wings if you wash them, pat them dry, rub some honey on them and then coat them with this rub.
9.0 oz. jar                                                                                       Price: $4.50
5.0 oz. jar                                                                                      Price: $3.95
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