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This is how it all happened . . .
   The Biloxi Cajun was born in Biloxi Mississippi.  He had a mostly uneventful childhood.  At an early age, his taste buds began acquiring a familiarity with different tasting and spicy foods.
    A 23 year career in the U.S. Air Force sent him around the world several times over.  In places like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand, spicy foods were abundant.  This only helped to increase his desire for the unusual.
   The Biloxi Cajun found himself in Riverside, Ohio (outside Dayton) at the end of his military career.  He stayed there, started a "real" job, but found the typical Midwest diet somewhat bland for his tastes.
   Around 2001, he started putting together recipes and flavors he had found and used over the years.  That is where these sauces and rubs came from.
    In 2008, The Biloxi Cajun, LLC was born. Festivals, Retirement parties, Birthday parties were catered.
   It is also when the Biloxi Cajun started putting together in his cookbook. The recipes were from his childhood. Things that his Grandmother, his Mother, several Aunts and Cousins cooked. Real Cajun and Southern foods. The Cookbook was printed in Feb 2012.  

   On behalf of the Biloxi Cajun, I hope you enjoy the many favors of the sauces and rubs available.

In each year,2012,2013 and 2014, The Biloxi Cajun was awarded the "Best of Dayton Award" in the Online and Mail Order Shopping Category By the Dayton Awards Program Committee. 

I wish to Thank all my customers for their support over the years. Loyal customers are the backbone of any small company. I look forward to serving you in the future with the best products and services that I have provided in the past. Thanks, again for your support. 

       Homer Rice,
The Biloxi Cajun 
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